The Dog Daze Story

We thought it was a rule that we had to write a story. So here it goes. It started out with a chili dog at a gas station in West “By God” Virginia. Perhaps the best chili dog ever. So, we decided to open a chili dog restaurant.  We traveled the globe, or at least a few states, eating hot dogs along the way. Our chili dog idea evolved into a Gourmet Hot Dog restaurant idea. We decided we wanted a funky little hot dog shack, with great dogs, and an atmosphere that people want to come and hang out.

We met some of the friendliest people along the way. In Huntington, WV we met Sonny from Hillbilly Hotdogs (as seen on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives). In Columbus, there is Dirty Franks, a restaurant where we realized what the atmosphere we envisioned looks like. In Cincinnati we met Ava & David of Hot Doggin’ It. A true Chicago hotdog restaurant. In Medina there is Dan’s Dogs. A throw back hotdog diner. In Parma there is The Hot Dog Diner.  In Wilkes Barr Pennsylvania we learned that Pierogies are a must have menu item. And in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at Pete’s Hot Dog Shop we saw first hand what 70 years of hot dog success look like.

We hope that you like what we put together. “Just a funky little hot dog shack with good food and fun people”.